Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bulbasaur Evolution

For some reason the image won't resize properly. You can see the full-sized image on my dA page here.

For some time after its birth, it grows by gaining nourishment from the seed on its back.
Bulbasaur is a reptilian creature that somewhat resembles a toad or a young dinosaur with a spotted blue-green hide. Its eyes are a bright red, but the most notable feature of this Pokémon is the onion-like bulb on its back. This bulb has a symbiotic relationship with the Pokémon, growing from a seed planted on its back by its mother at birth.
When the bud on its back starts swelling, a sweet aroma wafts to indicate the flower's coming bloom.
Ivysaur, like its pre-evolved form Bulbasaur, resembles a toad or a dinosaur, though the patches in its skin cause it to more closely resemble a dinosaur. After evolving from Bulbasaur, Ivysaur grows small fangs, and has visible ear insides and pupils. Ivysaur's skin is also a little bit more blue than Bulbasaur's. The most notable difference in Ivysaur's appearance however, is that its bulb has changed into a pink flower bud with leaves extending
After a rainy day, the flower on its back smells stronger. The scent attracts other Pokémon.
Venusaur is considerably larger and heavier than both of its pre-evolutions, and as such it moves slower than the two. The bud on its back has since bloomed into a large red flower with six expansive, white-spotted petals, supported on a brown trunk somewhat like that of a palm tree. Instead of patches on its skin, Venusaur appears to have frog-like warts. Additonally, Venusaur’s ear insides now appear to be red in coloration.
All my info taken from Bulbpedia

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Vamp

This is another look inspired by Kevyn Aucion from the book Making Faces. This is his Clara Bow look on page 109.
It was originally worn by Demi Moore.

This is the one from the book:

- Very Light foundation-Bare Minerals
- Dark Brow-Zings!-Benefit
- Idol Eye Shadow-Bare Minerals
- Black Bad Gal Mascara-Benefit
- Cream O’Spice Lipliner-MAC
- Film Noir Lipstick-MAC

Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Tempress

This was inspired by the look by Kevyn Aucoin, in his book Making Faces, on page 116.
It was worn by Andie MacDowell.

This is what I’m wearing to Leamington tomorrow for Easter.

This is the original from the book

And this is my version.
Light and Very Light foundation-Bare Minerals
Dark Brow-Zings!-Benefit
Crystal Avalanche Eye Shadow-MAC
Carbon Eye Shadow-MAC
Nuance Blush-MAC (LE)
Honour Blush-MAC
Blacktrack Fluidline-MAC
Lash DNA Jet Black Mascara-Smashbox
Whirl Lip Pencil-MAC
Russian Red Lipstick-MAC
Pomegranate Lipgloss-Bare Minerals.



I've undeleted this blog, and I think I need to start updating it more. I'm going to be doing makeup EVERY DAY now for practise. I have to. I've got loads of inspiration now, from books and magazines.

New start, now that I've graduated from school.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fox Tail and Rose Quartz

Today I did a look inspired by my altar setup to Cama Zotz.
The fox tail and the rose quartz skull to be exact.
- MAC Viva Glam Gaga (LE)
- MAC NC20 Studio Sculpt Concealer
- MAC NC15 Studio Sculpt Foundation
- MAC Pink Treat Creamstick Lipliner
- Benefit Cupid’s Bow Lip Definer
- Benefit Bad Gal Black Mascara
- Benefit Georgia Blush
- MAC NC25 Studio Fix Powder
- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
- MAC Smolder Eye Kohl
- MAC Solar Riche Bronzer
- Benefit Dark Brow-Zings!
- MAC Satin Taupe Eye Shadow
- MAC Ambiance Eye Shadow (LE)
- MAC Rice Paper Eye Shadow
- MAC Dazzlelight Eye Shadow

- Ambiance-Blackground (thin) and Electra
- Viva Glam Gaga-Lovelorn
That's my Peruvian necklace from my friend Kristine.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ruby Gloom Look

There is a really bad 80s movie called Re-Animator. It's a cult film, and I adore it to pieces. The theme song, however, kind of reminds me of the kids TV show Ruby Gloom.

So, I did a Ruby Gloom inspired look. The lip colour is similar to Ruby's hair colour.

- MAC Studio stick foundation NC20
- MAC Studio Fix Powder NC25
- MAC Shroom eye shadow
- MAC Blanc type eye shadow
- MAC Blacktrack fluidline
- Benefit Bad gal lash black
- Clarins bronzed powder in 10
- MAC Mineralize skinfinish in Light
- MAC Cream O’Spice lip liner
- MAC Crosswires lipstick


I'm a HUGE fan of the Pixar film Up! and I absolutly adored Alpha. Alpha is a doberman, so the colors in the look reflect the colours of a doberman.

Product List
- MAC Studio Stick Concealer NC20
- MAC Studio fix powder NC25
- Benefit Birthday suit cream eye shadow
- Bare Minerals Soft Focus Explore eye shadow
- Bare Minerals Dark Chocolate eye shadow
- MAC Carbon
- MAC Naked lunch
- Benefit Dark brow zings
- Benefit Bad gal black mascara
- MAC Blacktrack fluidline
- MAC Bronze bronzer
- MAC Strada blush
- MAC Cream O Spice Lip Liner
- MAC Lovin’ it lipstick(LE)
- MAC Style Warrior lipglass (LE)

Lovin’ It=MAC Freckletone
Style Warrior=MAC Film Noir and Clear Gloss

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Triple Berry Bliss

I got the Bare Minerals Sweet Obsessions kit for Christmas, and it came with three looks to try. This is one of them.

- MAC Studio Fix Powder NC25
- Benefit Bad Gal Black Mascara
- MAC Solar Riche Bronzer
- Bare Minerals Buxom Lip Colour Merry
- MAC Cream O’Spice Lip Liner
- Clarins Coral Blush
- Benefit Browzings Dark
- Bare Minerals Prep Time
- Bare Minerals Strawberry Mousse Eye Shadow
- Bare Minerals Berry Custard Eye Shadow
- Bare Minerals Berry Flambé Eye Shadow

Also: New haircut

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Starting School Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my first makeup lesson!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cruella de Vil

I love Cruella! I know, she wants a puppy coat, but that never stopped me from loving her. I love the bad guys. And I loved her shoes. She had purple eye shadow and big red lips in the animated version of 101 dalmations, so that's what I did here.

The Products
- MAC Studio Fix Powder NC30
- Benefit Cupid’s Bow
- Benefit Lemon Aid
- MAC Clear Lipglass
- Benefit Brow Zings Dark
- CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Mascara Black Pearl
- MAC Brash and Bold Pigment*
- MAC Strada blush
- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
- MAC Refined Golden Bronzer
- MAC Bronze Bronzer
- Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip 10C
- MAC Lip Conditioner
- 50% pigment
- Body Shop Lip Scuff
- MAC Altered State Eye Shadow*
- MAC Beautiful Iris Eye Shadow
- MAC Phloof! Eye Shadow

The Dupes
Brash and Bold=Process Magenta (MAC Pro)
Altered State=Satellite Dreams